12 December 2019 – Brighton, UK – Integrity Music are excited to announce a global song promotion partnership with Nigerian worship leader Sinach. With pieces including ‘Way Maker’ and ‘l Know Who I Am’, her songs have made an impact in the church on a global scale.

“I am thrilled about the publishing partnership between Sinach and Integrity Music,” says Les Moir, A&R Ambassador at Integrity Music Europe. “Sinach has already written many songs that have become anthems in Africa. At Integrity Music we are excited to play our part in seeing now the worship songs from Nigeria blessing the Nations.” 

Integrity Music are honoured to be working with Sinach to see her trailblazing songs grow to reach more communities and for new songs to be birthed in the process. “We are honoured that Sinach would choose the family of Integrity Music to partner with” shares Phil Loose, MD of Integrity Music Europe. Phil continues, “The time we spent with Sinach and her husband Joseph, giving us the privilege of understanding their heart to serve the church globally, thrills us as we enter a season of serving Sinach’s remarkable calling. May there be many more Way Makers and songs that travel from Nigeria around the globe!”

For more information on Sinach and upcoming events, visit: http://www.sinach.org


Sinach is an award winning songwriter, vocalist and anointed international worship leader. She is known globally for several gospel hit songs, which have ministered to millions bringing healing, hope, encouragement and strengthening their faith. Sinach is greatly motivated with the desire to see her songs, writings and concerts inspire the church and the whole world to worship God and be lifted, healed and for her listeners to be filled with the Glory of God through her music. She is happily married to her loving husband Joseph Egbu.

Steam Waymarker (LeeLand Cover)