Our friends over at WeAreWorship put together an amazing weekly array of resources to equip worshippers; get a taster with the Free Song Of The Week.


It’s pretty hard to find joy in the middle of hard times, isn’t it? What does it look like to be a joyful person, rather than just finding moments of joy throughout our days? This week’s Free Song from Citizens talks about just that, and the joy we can have from the Lord: just being in the presence of God, just knowing Him, just seeing His goodness. Zach Bolen, of Citizens, describes this so well here:

‘We ‘do’ more than ‘be.’ We’ve become so dependent upon results (likes, profits, comments, views) to bring us affirmation that we’ve sort of hit the mute button on God. ‘Be still and know I am God – I am all you need,’ is what the Lord says.’We love Joy To Be from Citizens, and you can download your FREE chord chart, sheet music and MP3 from the link below! FREE SONG OF THE WEEK