27th January, the Performing Rights Society (PRS) announced that there will be a new licence for small-scale online events. After hearing this announcement CEO Mark Davyd from Music Venue Trust calls it “disgraceful”

The cost for the licences is £22.50 + VAT for events that bring in a revenue up to £250 or less and £45 for events that bring in revenue between £251-£500. Events that have revenue of over £500 will need to contact the PRS

MVT’s CEO, Mark Davyd, spoke to the Guardian that the measure was “disgraceful”, He also predicted that live-streamed shows by grassroots artists would “grind to a halt”. “It is a tax in the middle of a crisis on people who need the money. No venues or promoters are making money [from live-streamed gigs] – it’s for artists or for charities they care about.”

To find out more about the new live stream licences please go to the PRS website: https://www.prsformusic.com/licences/using-music-online/online-live-concert