Ro Bless – ‘Keys of Life’ has a beautiful late-night lo-fi vibe that needs to be heard!


This song is a message to just live your life to the fullest and don’t take life’s problems and stresses so seriously. We’re all destined for a better afterlife if we just trust and believe.

Ro Bless, born Nico Robles, is a [hip hop / R&B] recording artist and producer. He was born in New Haven, CT and is of Puerto Rican and Italian decent. Growing up there was always a passion for music and when he was 16 he decided to start making his own beats and recording and mixing himself. Ro Bless started a production company called EnvyRBeats to help produce and engineer other artists music and has worked with people on artist development. Follow Ro Bless on social media: @EnvyRBeats