Royal – King Be Lifted High


Bred in the country, now based in Sydney, composer Katie Brown is unbridled when it comes to creating music. She prefers to remain outside the traditional borders of genres and explore the endless possibilities in that freedom. Influenced by many styles, particularly folk/indie, world, and cinematic music, her unique approach is a fresh delight to the ears.

Produced/composed by Katie BrownMastered by James Vincent at MasterluxLyrics


1, 2, 3 now I’m counting up the calvary, Load up the saddles, Roll out the velvet floor, Woah, Woah, woahSharpen the swords, Gather and bring forth what you’ve heard and what has been stalled, Woah, Woah, Woah, Can you hear the sound they tremble


Songs to be sung and heard, Choirs and cries shoot like thunder, Battle consumed at the lion’s roar, King be lifted high, King be lifted high


3, 4, 5 now I’m settin’ it alight, No holdin’ for cover, Obeying the king in wonder, Woah, Woah, woahTake a look around, You can’t ignore, The mighty king forevermore, Woah, Woah, Woah