The songs Silas Music is creating are uplifting, motivational, and inspiring. His music is created to lead others to grow in love with Jesus Christ and to choose Him as their Savior.

Rhythm & Praise Gospel Singer, Songwriter, and Vocal Arranger, Silas’s love of music began at the age of 7 in Florida. Growing up he played musical instruments in school and sang in church. In his earlier years, Silas was infused with the urban musical styles of the late 1980s and 1990s, which comprised of Rhythm & Blues, New Jack Swing, and Contemporary Gospel.

By 1993, Silas was seizing every opportunity he could find to sing publicly in the South Florida area. Singing with various male vocal groups and providing background vocals for upcoming local Rap artists, Silas continued to build his musical craft. Silas has now taken his musical and spiritual experience to compose his Urban R&P singles release entitled “Rain on Me”, “Open Arms” and his latest “You Are God”, smooth love ballads and mid-tempo jams reminiscent of the urban songs of the 90’s era of music.