The Monarques’ spirit-filled music has been praised as “wonderfully accessible” “breezy and catchy folk-rock”. The upcoming album IN YOUR LOVE features upbeat spiritual numbers like “The Way” and “13”, and The Monarques’ signature inspirational folk sound of rich guitars, otherworldly synths and lush harmonies in ballads like “All You Have to Do” and “This Life”.

MUSIC VIDEO for the single “The Way” on Youtube:

LATEST SINGLE “All You Have to Do” on Spotify:

“When I listen to it, I’m transported back in time. I swear, it’s Peter, Paul & Mary or The Mamas & the Papas. The strings, piano, and guitar blend with angelic harmony to create the closest thing to Heaven on Earth I can imagine. “All You Have to Do” is so pure, so peaceful. I could listen to it all day long. – Review, Kat Hammock