“Channel Love” is about overcoming the challenge of loving others. Essentially, the song is a prayer asking for the ability to love others in the way that God loves us. And even though we’re all imperfect lovers, who may be hurting or have broken hearts ourselves, it’s like a prayer asking God to channel HIS love through us.

It has a discouraged, cynical view of love in the beginning, as loving can often result in harm. Because people tend to suck, truthfully. 

But the song expresses a desire to be able to be more joyful and love in the way God has called us to love. us. To “Channel” his love. 

Amara. is an independent Gospel singer, songwriter, arranger, and producer from Houston, TX. Inspired by genres like NeoSoul, RnB, and Alternative RnB, Amara. writes and sings music with a wide range of style.

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