A little background on the name scar grace it started when I was involved in a car accident at the age of five.

I got hit and run over by a van which left me with a little crack in my head, led me to have my stomach cut open and several other operations, but before all that took place, I went to travel to 3 different hospitals in my pastor’s car, before being operated on, with the first two saying they couldn’t help me out and even then when I got operated on, time was lost travelling to the other hospitals, a lot of blood loss but years later all I am left with are scars to remind of what God has done, his grace.

I hope to show that Christ can turn any bad situation into a beautiful one, just give him your ashes and he will give you something beautiful in return. I used to hate my scars but now I love them because it reminds me of God’s grace. I hope to show God’s beauty through my music.