UK Gospel Singer Stephanie Greaves releases second studio album entitled Gratitude

UK Gospel Ambassador Stephanie Greaves released her second studio album on the 19th of July 2023. The album is entitled Gratitude a collection of 12 multi-genre songs, a project that started in 2016, that will appeal to various musical tastes and preferences. ‘When a Man’s Way’, for the Reggae connoisseurs, ‘Turn It Around’ for the blues lovers, to CCM with ‘No Other God’ featuring Stephanie’s son Simon ‘PJ’ Greaves. The lead track from the album is titled ‘Medley’ and is a medley of Caribbean choruses Stephanie recalls her mother singing and growing up with as a child. Songs such as All over the World, Yes, I’m Overshadowed, Deep Deep, Very Deep in My Heart and It’s Coming Down, accompanied by a tropical rhythmic production, guaranteeing audience participation.

The inspiration behind the album

God has blessed me to see my 60th birthday and I wanted to show him Gratitude for his mercies towards me.” – Stephanie Greaves

In 2021 Stephanie received an award in Sweden in recognition for her music, and a recipient of ‘Song of the year’ for her single ‘Fresh Start’.

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