Outside the box is the 14-track debut album from UK artist Cerose. Cerose, was once part of the infamous PDC rap/street movement & has been a household name in UK hip hop from the early noughties, making his name on the DVD/channel U circuit (before YouTube) & at live events  “The Jump off” at Scala in Kings Cross & open mic sessions such as  “Deal Real Records” on Carnaby street in London & collaborating with people like Giggs, Asher D, Ghetts, Akala, Black the ripper Blade brown to name a few. 

Cerose was also one of the first UK rappers to independently go to America & collaborate with artists over there, among them are people like French Montana, Ransom, Serius Jones, G depp and more. After numerous mixtapes such as the “British are coming” hosted by veteran American dj Cut master C and “Pain & Fortune” hosted by UK BBC radio DJ Charlie Sloth, Cerose seemed to go quiet. During this time Cerose & his then manager/business partner in London Ent, Dre (vision) London (currently post Malone’s manager), was working with several different musicians and producers developing a new sound & direction, they recorded tens of songs in this new Cerose sound which never left the studio. Cerose and Dre had just moved their focus from New York to LA & were on the brink of success when in 2015 Cerose had a spiritual experience which was life changing, & suddenly everything in Cerose was planning with Dre came to a halt. Although he did not understand what was happening, he knew he needed to find out.  During the next 12 months Cerose would go on a spiritual journey searching for truth, looking intensely at different religions and philosophies, and eventually finding it in Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ) & the Bible.

 After turning his back on Hollywood and turning to Christ, this album is Cerose’s journey so far put to original music. The first track sets you up for a story & you feel like you are about to be taken somewhere straight from the beginning. Clever rhyme patterns over Hard-hitting beats, soothing sounds with wild and warm melodies & unashamedly speaks the gospel story from beginning to end. It has so many different musical genres and styles from Drill Hip-hop to R&B to Reggae to Jazz, it is like a melting pot of musical flavours that is thrilling, exciting, Joyful, and frightening. There is nothing out there that sounds like it. Powerful music with an even more powerful message, this is an incredible album that everyone must hear. 

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