“A chapter in life where you realise what matters from an eternal perspective.” – GeneviveUK based newcomer of South African origin Genevive is ready to kick start her summer takeover, with her brand new lead single ‘Rest Assured’, which is now playing on all digital music platforms, produced by UK based singer-songwriter, vocal and recording engineer Klaudia Keziah here: https://song.link/i/1512506498

An artist who purposely directs her music to raise eternal awareness by using a controversial topic, and turning it into a work of art.Resulting in her bringing the significance of walking the path that’s narrow to light.‘Rest Assured’ combined by her enthralling vocal tone, harmonious melodies, and songwriting dexterities, connotes Genevive’s walk with God within the last 5 years.

Expressing her in depth outlook on life as she breaks down the complications of biblical teachings, emphasising its simple relevance in today’s society.

Speaking on her inspiration Genevive advises: “The title of the single was named after the realisation that applying the word to every situation, is what ultimately brought me face to face with her creator.”

‘Rest Assured’ is the lead single off of Genevive’s highly anticipated forthcoming debut EP, a collection of motivational tracks that best modernise biblical scripture into uptempo beats.Genevive is definitely one to watch as a rising artist and rest assured you won’t be disappointed!Looking forward to hearing from you soon

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