Home Videos Audio Unique Creation releases an Intense grime song ‘Lesson’ Ft Feed’Em!

Unique Creation releases an Intense grime song ‘Lesson’ Ft Feed’Em!


Unique Creation and Feed’Em bring out a powerful, fasted pace grime tune together for the first time. ‘Lesson’ is a song about what Unique Creation and Feed’Em have learned thought their experiences through life and how it moulded and shaped them into who there are today. Its almost as if Unique Creation and Feed’Em are having a conversation, continuously going back to back.

Unique starts off in the first verse by making a statement “You claim to wake but you’re snoozing the most” which sets a tone for the first verse. Throughout the verse, Unique leads listeners through a list of lessons he picked up throughout his life. Touching on subjects such as the reality of betrayal amongst friends “a tight circle could still have a snake in it” sheds some light on Unique’s personal story of friendship and betrayal. Using metaphors and creative wordplay familiar to his writing style, each line links well to the other taking us through a diverse flow pattern for fans of technical wordplay. 

The collaboration between these “BFA” and FMG artists is out now on all electronic outlets and is worth the repeat button on your Spotify playlist.  The music video is out now and promises to be a popular feature between these 2 underground stars in the making.