Valencia Kabeya “Good Morning” [Music Video]


Valencia Kabeya Bio

I started singing “properly” at the age of 12, in the Youth Choir at my home church New Jerusalem in Brussels (Church of God), I then moved to England in 2005 and began to lead Praise and Worship at churches and university fellowships till I graduated from uni in 2011.
I then joined a Youth Movement called Restoration in 2011 (Jermaine Straker), where I lead Praise and Worship and we would host events in London, Sheffield, Nottingham, Cardiff and Birmingham.

In 2014 I then joined UP Mass Choir under the direction of Pst Patrick George (Britain’s got talent) and we sang at various events and cities in the UK as well as in Italy where I was a part of the Christmas Tour ensemble to represent the choir Christmas 2014.

I left the UP Mass at the beginning of 2020 to concentrate on my development as a soloist. I had a wonderful opportunity to work with a group of talented singers after being auditioned for the acting programme for a musical theatre production called Gospel Does Theatre Classics and was introduced to my vocal coach and manager Charmain Elliott.