We’re Pouring Back Into Creatives at All Out Worship – Juanita Francis

Hosted by Elder Juanita Francis, come and join Pastor William McDowell and more for two days of praise and worship workshops for the Creative. Whether a praise and worship leader, musician, artist, dancer or you simply love to spend time worshipping in the presence of God, this two day workshop clinic is for you.

The days will be packed covering topics for everyone. From leading worship & preparation, working with musicians new and old school, understanding production and programming, mental health, song writing, dance session and panel with Q&A session.

If you’re a Creative that wants to grow and have a safe place to refuel or someone who simply loves to worship, this clinic is for you and your team. 

We look forward to welcoming you!

Children are welcome from ages 13 years upwards however due to the nature and content of the workshop we prefer they are accompanied by parent/guardian.


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