My brother passed away July 21st, 2020 from cancer at the young age of 35. I was in a dark place and I began to write down my emotions. I wanted to finish my album (Lyrical Faith) and share my emotions with listeners. I was about to drop my album on November 27, 2020, which is also my brother’s birthday. I truly believe my brother is in a better place, and I’m trying to get there one day. That was the influence behind this song. Born October 12th, 1985 in Georgetown, Texas, Rev KJ Blane grew up surrounded by Christ, love, discipline, and music.

From playing the drums and directing the choir in his father’s church, Blane has always loved music. He began to rap at a young age, doing school talent shows and freestyle sessions with friends. Growing up in Texas artists such as Scarface, UGK, Lil Flip, Ludacris, Outkast were constantly in his ear.

Him and childhood friends called themselves The 11 Boyz, representing the 76511 zip code of their hometown of Bartlett Texas. Blane chose to join the United States Army in 2010. In 2011 he dropped his first mixtape (It’s My Turn) under the name of Lil Sonny, however, something was missing from his life. While living in Oklahoma, Blane and his wife Latrecie had their first child, Lyrical Faith, and he decided to leave rap alone to be a father and get more involved at church. Blane rededicated his life back to Christ and God began to work in his life. Rev. KJ Blane accepted his calling to preach in 2015. He went back to college and received a degree in Christian counselling and Biblical studies.

After long nights of prayer and thought, Blane decided to get back in the studio and make music, but this time it would be for the Glory of God and to worship Christ. Now while still serving in the US Army and a youth pastor, Blane wants to spread the Gospel and reach the youth through his MAG-LYFE movement (Music And God).