After overcoming years of shyly hiding behind guitar playing & 170,000+ YouTube views later, Adegail is a songwriting, worship leading, YouTube singing, guitar teaching, PIA2019challenge semi-finalist. She has helped to equip, educate and encourage 100+ independent artists via her 2019 founded @_iRadiate events which, among other accolades has caused many notable gospel radio/media personalities to dub her a ‘trailblazer’ within her community.

Similarly done with her last 75 #worshipwednesdaychallenge instagram videos (shared internationally), in 2021 Adegail hopes to continue to empower her generation and beyond by using her experimental-contemporary-gospel original soundtracks for everyday life. 

The message of Live For You spreads hope amidst the current pandemic & encourages others to worship/live out their purpose boldly like she has been doing unashamedly for the last few years. Her debut captures the heart of serving God no matter what the circumstances look like and will encourage any believer through the changing seasons of life.