Can’t Deny It: Story Behind The Song Taken from Sound of The House, “Can’t Deny It” is much more than a song. It’s the powerful story of Austin & Lindsey Adamec’s friend Matt who went from adamant atheism to full restoration of his life and family. It was an undeniable encounter for him and a nearly unbelievable miracle for all to witness. You have to hear it for yourself as he sighs ‘I can’t deny it anymore’.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Austin & Lindsey Adamec share a passion for gathering people from all walks of life and creating a safe space for intimate worship. After residing in Nashville, Tennessee for several years to pursue individual artist careers, they felt God calling them back to Florida to work together as worship pastors. They soon saw a new season of ministry expand beyond the church walls into maximum security prison campuses and public pavilions where there were many attempts to shut down their worship by religious protestors. It was in those moments they felt God showing them how there is no space He won’t invade. Opening their home for monthly gatherings and inviting people from across the community to worship together, in turn, sparked a new sound for the couple and will be heard on their brand new album, “Sound of the House“.

The project, offering eight live songs, is about the celebration of life in the presence of God. Nothing is hidden. Sunday is just as devoted as every other day. What you see in the church is an overflow of what’s created in the house. Austin shares, “We dine together, we laugh together, we embrace confrontation in love, we create music and we celebrate God’s goodness with whoever walks through that front door. If we want church to be authentic again, we need to bring the church back into the darkest rooms of our homes and watch faith do its work again.” This is the Sound of The House.