Matthieu Kugler releases ‘RESISTANCE’ to reflect on his blessing


RESISTANCE release second single ft. Matthieu Kugler, “Grâce Infinie”. Written as a reflection on the blessings his generation received from previous faith heroes, this song is an encouragement to pick up the baton in our day.

Touched by God’s endless grace, bold love and the gift of the Spirit to him as a young believer, Matthieu wrote “Grâce Infinite” as a worshipful response, hoping to spark a fresh revelation of the infinite grace available to us all. RESISTANCE is a movement involving various young singers and songwriters in the French-speaking world.

Dreaming of filling empty churches with the sound of prayer and worship again, founder and established musician Matt Marvane embraced humble beginnings and launched acoustic worship nights around the country, thriving into a dynamic, multifaceted experience today.