“In Deep” New Book by Jessica Meade – A Collection of intimate inspired poetry


For decades, Jessica Meade’s poetry has been inspiring thousands of men and women, young and mature, both in and outside of the church in the UK, Caribbean, US and wider afield. In this book, Jessica presents 14 poems on the theme of love from her vast collection.

Her poetry is deeply insightful, moving, passionate and always written from the heart. Jessica’s work will challenge readers to examine their lives and relationships from fresh perspectives as it moves them into deeper relationship with God and to outpourings of worship.

This collection includes poems of praise, gratitude and self-reflection in light of the ultimate True Love found only in our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. In the book, Jessica has provided space, with a guiding scripture, for you to write your own reflections on each poem, or to write a poem of your own.

From the Foreword: ‘Most people will agree that poets have a unique way with words and Jessica is no exception. Her broad approach to prose and her effortless rhythm of spoken word keeps you attentive, pulling you into the moment until the very last full stop. It is exciting to see Jessica’s poetry in print. “In Deep” will take you on a journey of intimacy, inner reflection and personal realisation.’Pastor Penny FrancisRuach City Church

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