Ziearre A New York boy with a dream


This song speaks on modern life and how it’s functioning today with all the chaos and wicked things that are happening. It’s addressing situations while having a groovy head bobbing type of vibe. Although people are becoming hopeless, this song will give you hope that we can still live a sweet life like ice cream with a cherry on top. I want this song to get on as many playlist as it can, getting much notoriety and exposure, and possibly help shift a lot of mindsets throughout the world.

About the artist.

A New York boy, who grew up in Brooklyn was destine to become the young warrior of words and inspiration to youth. Ziearre expressed a love for music at the early age of 3. This sparked the beginning of Ziearre’s journey. As he matured and his gifts were revealed, he proved that he was not your typical entertainer, but a creator and a messenger. He explains, “I started to hear melodies and music in my head, and began to write songs. The musical ideas just came to me, and I couldn’t turn it off.”

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