“Holy Water” was created during the quarantine while James Qupid was in deep thought reflecting on the state of our new norm and the pandemic. He began to cook up a new beat while humming the melody of the chorus.

He started playing his keyboard, then a kick and snare later, “Holy Water,” was conceived.Growing up singing in the church choir, James Qupid developed a strong spiritual background. His Gospel and R&B roots run deep and that inspires him musically.

“Holy Water” is a reflection of his upbringing. The song’s fun and vibrant sound was created to uplift and encourage everyone. “During these difficult times, I wanted to create a song that exudes healing,” James Qupid explains.”Holy Water” blends Hip-Hop and R&B with beefy drums and 808 bass.

Ironically, James Qupid linked up with music producer Bless to create this symbol of spiritual enlightenment. “Holy Water” is a lively summer bop that will make every listeners’ playlist.