Salient Sound have released their highly anticipated debut single ‘Stand’; a gospel anthem to encourage and inspire listeners with a message of hope.

The song is available to purchase and stream on all online platforms including; Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and Tidal.

’Stand’, written by Jermaine ‘JC’ Henry and Lydia Sterling, members of Salient Sound, the New Testament Church of God’s (NTCG) National Youth Worship Team, is written in response to a challenging 2020 and now fairs even more relevant, as we begin a turbulent start to 2021. This is a song for the season.

‘Inspired’, ‘uplifted’, ‘peace’, ‘timely’, ‘the UK British sound’ are just some of the words that have been used by listeners to describe this amazing body of work produced by Iziah Yarde.

Like many, Salient Sound felt they needed to say something that spoke to the injustice, adversity and suffering happening across the globe. ’Without you we’re broken, Oh Jesus we need You’, is the melodic prayer that rings throughout the song, making a petition for those in need. ‘Stand’ also features a poignant prayer by Bishop Dr. Eric A Brown, Senior Pastor and District Overseer of NTCG Brixton.

Contributors include: Lead vocals; Jermaine ‘JC’ Henry and Lydia Sterling, Producer/Keyboards; Iziah “Izzy” Yarde, Drums; Daniel Powell, Bass; Levi Yarde, Guitar; Mathias Lunde, Hammond Organ; David Davis, Strings; Enoch John, Recording Engineers; Iziah “Izzy” Yarde/Femi Bello, Mix Engineer; Femi Bello, Mastering Engineer; Kearon “Da BoSS” Stephen.

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Salient Sound, under the leadership of Johnathan Mongi and Jermaine ‘JC’ Henry, are releasing this debut single, following their successful EP release in 2019. The EP features original songs, such as ‘Great’ and ‘Incredible’. Like ‘Stand’, these songs consistently express the foundation of the team’s belief and faith.

Lurine Cato MBE said: “I have been waiting for this true SOUND of British Gospel Music; every chord, melody, vocal, word and arrangement, just speaks of God’s heart towards the nation”

Marcel Simpson, NTCG National Youth and Discipleship Director said: In a time when the different platforms people have trusted and built their lives on is crumbling, ‘Stand’ offers hope of a life that will not only survive, but thrive on a foundation of faith”

‘Stand’ can be accessed here for download or stream via various music platforms:

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