“DRIVE is about faith…. giving that higher power the keys to your life, to take the wheel, and trust in the plans for your destination”.

TY has found a new lease on life as an artist, having kicked a substance abuse problem that has plagued him for many years. Going through this struggle has left him feeling more motivated than ever to make music, whether as a solo act or as part of Smashproof.

Now a born again Christian, TY’s new music project (which is being produced with the support of NZ On Air) carries themes of love and support throughout and reflects a positive state of mind after a tumultuous few years in which things weren’t so rosy in his life. With TY’s new music, he also showcases more of the singing abilities that have seen him reach the very top of the charts, rather than being ‘TY the rapper’.

“I just want to have a message of hope in my music. That’s the whole kaupapa behind my music for the rest of my life moving forward.

Experience, strength, and hope”.